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4 Star Review

ALM has done a nice job of providing weed control for my yard the last couple of years. Their service is not cheap, but they get the job done reasonably well and they are very responsive in providing customer service.

Mike D
5 Star Review

I’m very satisfied with the results after two years of ALM caring for my lawn. Tommy always texts a day ahead to let me know he’s coming. If the yard is too wet, we work out a different time. He is always available to answer questions and provide advice. My yard is a great-looking sea of lush green grass! Much of the neighborhood now uses ALM and others are considering it due to the visible results on our block. You might be able to do the same yourself for similar $$, but now all that time is back to you. Definitely recommend.

Heath Dunbar
5 Star Review

In almost two years, my lawn went from almost all weeds to a full, beautiful lawn. I so appreciate Brian for his wisdom and friendliness, here in Chesapeake, VA

Sandy Bey